Baby-Toddler group

Daily schedule

For our babies and toddlers, the day will resemble a day at home as much as possible. We will talk to the parents about the sleeping and feeding schedule of their child, and we will follow this schedule as closely as possible. So if the schedule changes, you should let the caregiver of your child’s group as much as possible. Babies need a lot of personal attention (warmth, security) and they get as much of this as possible, but they also like to be safely in their high playpen, looking at everything happening around them. They also have fun looking at everything at eye level in a sitter, or practicing crawling on one of our playing rugs, grabbing toys and discovering the world.

Our eldest toddlers need some more fixed moments, and these are the same as the moments in the Preschooler group, for example at the start of the day. Only toddlers are not sitting on their chairs in a circle yet, like the preschoolers do, they sit on the floor or at a table, with the caregiver reading them a book, singing songs and/or playing games with them. This depends on the age of the children in the group. The babies will also be there, if their schedule allows it, because they also like songs and games.

Baby food

We have Hero 1 and 2 for the children in this group, without additional costs. If your baby drinks other formula, we ask you to bring it with you when you drop off your baby. In this case, make sure to talk to your baby’s caregiver beforehand. There are rules for bringing formula milk. The same goes for breast-feeding. You may come and feed your child yourself or bring breastmilk with you for us to give to your baby, but it must be supplied according to the rules. We have a separate folder with more a detailed explanation. We will give it to you if you let us know that you want to bring breastmilk for your child.


Our groups are spacious, clean and fresh, and fully furnished with beautiful, new and diverse materials. There are plenty of toys for all the children. Toys for them to have fun with, together or alone, but that will also help them learn something, stimulating the development of your child without them realizing it. After all, children learn the most through playing and………. this is also what they love to do the most. Our baby and toddler group is furnished to let the children explore freely. They won’t encounter any unsuitable or dangerous toys while they’re learning to crawl and walk, only materials that are fitting for their phase of development. And if they are still very young and extra vulnerable, we have a high playpen, a sitter, various playing rugs or the arms of their caregiver, where they can discover the world around them in complete safety.

Parents talk about Marosa

  • ““I leave my 2 girls to the care of the sweet caregivers at Marosa with complete trust. And at the end of the day, I always pick up 2 happy girls, who have had a very fun and educational day. I’m very satisfied.””

  • ““It’s always so clean here! How do you do it? We have a sand box in the garden and when I am changing him into his pyjamas, I always find sand everywhere, but you never have sand inside.””

  • ““I am really surprised about the calm and cosy atmosphere at the daycare centre. Especially at the end of the day. You would think that she would be done with it by then, but she is always happy and not overstimulated when I come to pick her up.””

  • ““Can’t you move with us? It took us pretty long to find you, and when we did it was like a whole new world for us: such commitment, and our children like it so much with you! We’ll never find this anywhere else!””