If your child stays with us until they are 4 years old and ready to go to primary school, you do not have to do anything. The end date is determined in your contract. If you want to leave sooner, for whatever reason, you must cancel your contract in writing. We work with a month’s notice, and you can cancel your contract on the 1st of the month.

Not satisfied?

You are not obligated to tell us why you have decided to cancel, but we would appreciate it if you did. If you are not satisfied, for example, we can use your feedback to improve and/or expand our services. Maybe, and we hope so, we can solve the problem, and change your mind about terminating. You can read more about what to do if you are not satisfied and our procedure in this case on our page complaints.

Sometimes it is not necessary to cancel

But it is also possible that you want to cancel your contract for reasons that do not require cancellation (yet). For example, if you lose your job, your right to childcare allowance will not expire until three months after the cancellation of your employment contract. So in this case, your child does not have to stay home right away, and you still have three months to find a new job. You will not lose your right to childcare allowance until those three months have passed. Of course we regard this information as confidential, and we will treat it as such.

Extending your contract

If your child turns 4 on an inconvenient date, right before the summer holidays, Sinterklaas or Christmas for example, your primary school might advise you to wait with letting your child start school until afterwards. In that case, it is possible to extend your contract with Marosa for a short period of time. Please let us know, so that we can determine a new end date together. It will not be necessary to cancel in this case.

At Marosa, we have 1 month’s notice for cancellation.