Pre-primary education (VVE)

What is pre-primary education?

Pre-primary education was first established to solve language deficiencies with young children, so that they could get a better start at primary school. Language is an important requirement to be able to learn, because if you do not understand each other, and do not understand what is expected of you, you can’t learn a lot. No matter how smart you are.

Sounds good, but how do you do this?

We work with an approved pre-primary programme. This programme consists of themes of about 4 to 6 weeks, with activities that are focused on language stimulation. There are more development areas aside from language, but language is the most important. Furthermore, the caregivers of our Pre-primary group have special certification. They know how to work with the pre-primary programme, but they also know how to stimulate language development in everyday situations.

Is there a separate group for this?

No, we believe that a language deficiency does not only need a pre-primary programme and specifically trained caregivers, but rather that children can also learn a lot from each other in this regard. If you put only children with a language deficiency together, they will not get this extra impulse that they need. So our children with a VVE-indication are in our Preschooler group, together with children without a VVE-indication. As a result, there will be a lot of spontaneous language exchanges between the children and they will learn a lot from this, as well as from our efforts.

How do children get a VVE-indication?

VVE-indications are given by the consultation clinic, if they believe that your child has a language deficiency, or that you child may have a language deficiency by the time they are 2.5. At the consultation clinic, we are on record as a certified pre-primary education provider, so if your child gets such an indication, you can ask the clinic to refer you to Marosa. You will then get a nice discount on our hourly rate for 16 hours per week, 40 weeks a year. For the rest of the hours that your child spends at Marosa, you will pay our standard rate. The subsidy amount will be deducted on the monthly invoice.

What does Marosa have to offer that other VVE organisations don’t?

We offer activities that stimulate language development all day, and do not limit ourselves to the subsidized 16 hours a week. Not only the children with pre-primary education will be doing these activities, but all children. There is no difference, which means that language skills are stimulated in a playful and calm way, at suitable moments. After all, we don’t have to rush our activities because we have all day, and we do not have to stick to the minimum of 16 hours a week.


A good start at your child’s primary school, where the pre-primary education programme will be continued if necessary, because the school also works with it. This way, we establish an ongoing learning track, but in a fun and playful way.