Inspection reports

We are inspected by the GGD every year. During these inspections, they check if we comply with the requirements according to the Childcare Act. These requirements are related to the composition of the groups, the furnishing, the number of children in proportion to the number of caregivers, and more. A report will be made based on these observations, and we will publish the final report on our website. The most recent report, as well as all previous reports, are recorded in the National Childcare Register.


If you are trusting your child to someone else, you want to be sure that they are in good hands. At Marosa, we do everything we can to be worthy of this trust. All of our employees have a valid VOG (certificate of good behaviour) and they are in the Register for persons active in the childcare sector. This means that they are continuously screened by the government. They have a valid certificate for the childcare sector, and they have completed a first aid/emergency response officer training with a certificate, for which they take a refresher course every year. Aside from carefully selecting employees who comply with all of these requirements, Marosa also pays a lot of attention to safety in the group. If we see any safety risks for the children in the group, such as defective furniture, toys or a layout of furniture that is not safe, measures will be taken right away. We stay on top of things like this every day. 


The same goes for health. Your child should be able to develop in a clean and healthy environment. The rooms at Marosa are clean and fresh, and furnished so that they are easy to keep clean. Furthermore, we pay a lot of attention to hygiene and food safety. This does not just mean keeping the group and materials clean, but also making sure that the children do not drink from each other’s cup, checking the expiration dates of our food, using dishcloths, switching towels on time, etc.

Marosa is critical about safety and health, and tackles any issues right away. Furthermore, inspection services like the GGD, Health and Safety service and the Fire Department help us by making sure that we comply with all legal requirements.


Dit geldt ook voor de gezondheid. Je kindje kan zich het best ontwikkelen in een schone, gezonde omgeving. De ruimtes binnen Marosa zijn schoon en fris en zo ingericht dat ze ook goed schoon te houden zijn. Daarnaast besteden we veel aandacht aan hygiëne en voedselveiligheid. Hier valt niet alleen het schoon houden van de groep en het materiaal onder maar ook het opletten dat kinderen niet uit elkaars beker drinken, het controleren van de houdbaarheidsdatum van onze voedingsmiddelen, gebruik van vaatdoekjes, op tijd verwisselen van handdoeken enz.

Marosa is kritisch als het om veiligheid en gezondheid gaat en pakt zaken op daar waar het nodig is. Daarnaast zijn er Inspectiediensten zoals de GGD, Arbo en de Brandweer die met ons meekijken om te kunnen beoordelen of wij aan alle wettelijk gestelde eisen voldoen.