Placement procedure

The placement procedure at Marosa goes as follows: you come to our location for a tour and an introductory conversation, and if you feel good about us you can complete the registration form. It will be sent to us digitally after you complete it. Once we have received the form, we will let you know within 2 working days if everything can be realized according to your wishes, and if not we will let you know how long our waiting list is. The places you need will be reserved free of charge. About 3 months before the start date, we will send you a contract and ask you to sign it and send it back to us. This will all be handled digitally. So you do not need to print and send the contract or bring it to us. This takes care of the “paper” portion of the placement procedure, and you will have a contract with Marosa. This comes with a few rights and obligations. You can find these in our General Terms and Conditions.

Intake conversation

The placement procedure is finalised with an intake conversation. About 2 weeks before your child’s start date at Marosa, you will be invited by the fixed caregiver (mentor) of your child. During this conversation, we will record the most important information about you and your child through an intake form, such as your child’s sleeping and eating habits, who to call in case of an emergency, etc. The caregiver will always take their time for this conversation, so that you have plenty of time to ask all of your questions. In turn, the caregiver will tell you about how things are done in the group. We will also talk about getting your child settled. We will make tailor-made agreements. And then all we need to do is wait for your child’s first day. It’s normal to be nervous! But we know how you feel, and we will keep you up to date on how your child is doing. You can also call us any time.


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Registration form


If your child stays with us until they are 4 years old and ready to go to primary school, you do not have to do anything. The end date is determined in your contract. If you want to leave sooner, for whatever reason, you must terminate your contract in writing. We work with a month’s notice, and you can terminate your contract on the 1st of the month. Read all information about termination here.