Healthy food and drinks

Healthy food and drink are important for the wellbeing of your child. Marosa strives to be responsible about this, and also pays extra attention to moments when we eat and drink with the children. These are supposed to be pleasant interruptions of the day. A “moment at the table” where we can have fun talking to each other, as well as enjoy our food and drink.

We will never force children to eat or drink, but we will contact you if your child wants to eat or drink only a little, or not at all. Then we will decide on what to do about this together. It is important to not lose sight of the group process. It will not be good if there is one child who does not have to eat or drink. This is confusing for the other children. Especially if parents would like their children to eat and drink a certain amount. So we will always look for a solution and approach that works for all the children. Our caregivers have enough expertise and experience to figure out the right approach together with you, and to make sure it works. Without forcing the child, because that is not what Marosa does.

Eating together

In our experience, when children are eating in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, they eat better than they do at home. “Eating together” is an important concept at Marosa.

What do we have to offer?

Marosa provides lunch and snacks for children who are old enough for it. For the smallest kids, we have formula milk (Hero 1 and 2). Is your child on a diet, or are you using other formula milk than us, you can provide your own. Our caregivers will make sure that your child gets what they need.


Of course you can bring pumped breastmilk, but if you have the time for it, you can also come to feed your baby yourself. During the intake consultation, you will get more information about bringing breastmilk from your child’s caregiver.


Kom je een keer bij ons kijken?

Om een goed beeld te krijgen van onze locatie laten wij deze graag aan je zien! Vul hieronder jouw gegevens in, dan nemen we zo snel mogelijk contact met je op voor een persoonlijke rondleiding. Je kunt je kind ook meteen inschrijven.