About us

Marosa is run by its founders: Joke and Rebecca, mother and daughter. They are part of the fixed team working with our groups, at the moment together with Shubaida, Stefanie and Sharlita. Rebecca and Sharlita are the fixed caregivers of the preschooler group, and Shubaida and Stefanie are the fixed caregivers of the baby/toddler group. Joke is usually busy with administration and management, and she helps out where necessary. Rebecca is our location manager, but she also works as a caregiver.

Extension of the home situation

We like to help you with questions about raising children or assist you when it is hard to plan daycare efficiently, and we strive to be an extension of the home situation. Just an extension, because we do not mean to copy the home situation exactly. After all, that would be impossible, because the home situation is unique!! Marosa adds something different, we have added value and we do not replace home. This doesn’t mean that children will not feel at home with us. On the contrary! But feeling at home is not the same thing as being home. Your children are only home when they’re with you!

We could add many arguments to convince you to let your child come to Marosa. However, this is a question of the right feeling, and it’s not possible to convey this feeling on paper. So come and visit us and see for yourself. You are very welcome.