Extra services

Marosa is more than Childcare!

Extra services we offer: You can always come to Marosa with questions about raising children. We will think along with you, and with our experience we can nearly always help you with practical tips and tricks for all obstacles you might encounter while raising your child.

Do you need help or support from a speech therapistbehavioural therapist or physiotherapist? We work together with these ladies, so they will be able to help you quickly. The best thing about these short lines is that we at Marosa can match up with the treatment plan, so that your child can get customized help with the professional, at home and at Marosa. Naturally, everything will be discussed with the parents and the professional.

Digital parent login

On our website, you can access your own digital environment via Parent Login. Here you can see what your child has done during the day, check your information, view invoices and documents with important information like our Pedagogical Policy, General Terms and Conditions, Sickness Policy and much more, you can request an additional day or request switching days, communicate updates, etc. Once your child has been accepted, we will provide your login information, which you can change after the first login, so that only you will be able to access your information.

Group app

Aside from the digital parent login on our website, we also have our own group app. This contains the log book of your child, the latest updates and pictures, and you can use the app to let us know your child is not coming or request an extra day, and if you accept push notifications we can also send you short personal messages. You always have your phone with you, so you can check whenever you want.

Pre-primary certified

Did the consultation clinic give you a pre-primary indication? Then Marosa is the right place for you. We have pre-primary certification, and we offer our preschoolers education all day. For playful and child-focused learning.

These are extra services we can offer, aside from a nice place for your child(ren) to be if you have to work. But that doesn’t mean that we’re stopping there! We are always looking for extra ways to make working and taking care of your kid(s) as pleasant as possible. We are always open to ideas and tips!!