Marosa Childcare Hoorn

Congratulations! You have found us ! Marosa: the most fun Childcare centre in Hoorn. Not only for the children, but also for the parents!
Welcome to our website!

What will you find here?

Take your time to look around. You will find a lot of information about what we have to offer. If you like what you see, we would like to invite you for a tour.

Will I be committing to anything?

Taking a look and coming for an introduction is entirely non-committal, and you will not be obligated to do anything. You can tell us about your wishes and expectations, and we will answer all of your questions. Because you probably have a lot of questions. Bringing your child to a childcare centre is a big deal, and there are a lot of childcare centres in Hoorn. So it’s important to find something that fits your interests and expectations!

What should I pay attention to?

Do you think it is important for your child to learn something, or is loving care enough for you? Do you want your child to get a warm meal, or do you think this should be exclusively a family moment?

Write down what you think is important and write down some questions. Childcare needs to feel good and reliable, and that feeling can’t be conveyed on paper. So come and meet us. You are very welcome!

Marosa is easily accessible, located at walking distance from the Kersenboogerd Hoorn station. Plenty of parking spaces, right in front of the door and free.

Pressing questions

This digital tour provides a lot of information about our daycare in Hoorn. Do you have any questions/comments about it that cannot wait until your tour at our location? Feel free to contact us.

What do we offer?

Marosa offers daycare for children from age 0 to 4 in 2 horizontal groups. Our baby/toddler group offers daycare for children from 0 to 2, and our preschooler group for children from 2 to 4. Childcare in horizontal groups gives children the chance to develop at their own pace and level.

We work with fixed professionals with a passion for childcare, who do their best every day to make it a fun day for your child. Structure, clarity and own input from the children are the most important ingredients.

By seeing the same faces every day, your child will get familiar with the caregivers, so that Marosa will quickly become a safe place for them. And that is just what parents want! A safe environment for their child, so that they can go to work without worries.

Signed up, what’s next?

As soon as we receive your form, we will contact you to let you know if we can reserve the spot(s) you have requested, or if there is a waiting list. We will let you know in an email, in which we will also inform you about further steps for the placement of your child.

Placement procedure