Preschooler group

Safe and educational environment

If your preschooler is feeling at home at a daycare centre, you just know it. Our small-scale approach is specifically set up to make you and your child feel at home. A safe place where your preschooler is playfully challenged to learn, where they can marvel at many things, and discover how to make friends.

Thanks to our many years of experience in childcare and our professional caregivers, we can give your little one the best possible care every day. You can rest assured that we are not just caring for any child, but for the most important child there is, namely yours!

Playful preparation for primary school

Preschoolers are children from age 2 to 4, who will soon be going to primary school. That is why the development of social skills is quite important at this age. Social skills are a first requirement to be able to navigate the world that will open up for them after their time at Marosa: their time at primary school! That is why we spend a lot of time working on social skills, by starting the day sitting in a circle together, eating and drinking together, cleaning up together and doing group activities and other things like that, but it also happens naturally. During free play time children find each other, make friends, learn to share and play together, etc.

Aside from these social skills, we also pay a lot of attention to other areas of development: Language, motor skills, creative development and numbers. When we say numbers we don’t mean sums and the like, but learning to count, concepts like a lot/a little, etc.

Everything happens playfully, and is offered in group activities or 1 on 1 games. Our caregivers are creative enough to always be able to think of fun activities/games, so that children will join in of their own free will. And that is important, because we are absolutely not a school. If a child really doesn’t want to participate, we will never force them. That will be for later, and we will let the child play in a way that they do like, because they will also learn from this.

Familiar environment for inspection, exploration and discovery

That is what we offer! Every day, Marosa will provide a warm and cosy environment, where your preschooler can grow optimally. Our activities, led by professional and committed caregivers, will optimally stimulate inspection, exploration and discovery for preschoolers in small groups, with a healthy dose of fun. This is what makes us the most fun childcare centre in Hoorn!

In order to achieve this, the Preschooler group is divided in play corners. There is a doll corner, a building corner, a car corner, a carpenter corner, a store corner, a book corner and a puzzle corner. There are also extra materials who are done being preschoolers before they are actually 4 years old. We will make sure that these children are never bored, and can develop themselves at their own level, so that they will get a head start before primary school.