Vision on childcare

Marosa has a clear vision on childcare. We will give you a summary. You will find the long version in our pedagogical policy. This document is available upon request. Feel free to ask for it.

Horizontal groups

We work with horizontal groups. This means that our groups are categorized by age: 1 group for children aged 0 to 2, our Baby/Toddler group and 1 group for children aged 2 to 4, our Preschooler group including children with Pre-primary education. For very young children from 0 to 2, we think it’s important that they can move freely through the group, without being hindered or put at risk by Preschoolers who also need their freedom of movement. So babies and toddlers are free to roll, crawl, learn to walk and explore everything they encounter on their way, without having to correct them because the toys are still too dangerous. And preschoolers can also discover things for themselves, because we have put the materials at eye level for them. So they don’t need to ask us for anything. They do need to clean up after themselves. But they will learn to do that rather quickly.

Creativity and using all senses

In this era of video games and digital communication, we want to make children aware of their own creativity and nature around us. We believe that it is important for children to keep using all of their skills and senses, and we pay a lot of attention to this.

We’ll do it together

The input of parents is very important to us. As soon as you start bringing your child to Marosa, we are raising your child together. It has to be a partnership, with us completing each other. This is only possible with good communication from both sides. This, together with mutual trust and understanding, enables us to offer more than good and responsible childcare. Childcare with a unique vision and mission.

If Marosa can make a child start to realize that they can do a lot by themselves, make them aware of all their senses and have an eye for nature, then our mission is successful.

Healthy food and drink

Healthy food and drink are important for the wellbeing of your child. Marosa strives to be responsible about this, and also pays extra attention to moments when we eat and drink with the children. These are supposed to be pleasant interruptions of the day. A “moment at the table” where we can have fun talking to each other, as well as enjoy our food and drink.

Gezond eten en drinken

Healthy food and drinks are important to the wellbeing of your child.

Food and drinks